Caramelised Figs with Honey and Cinnamon Ice Cream

Confession time , I was not into figs until recently ….

Figs are in season and hence the fig overload 🙂

Figs-Honeycomb-Cinnamon-Ice cream

Roasted figs, drizzled with honey and served with cinnamon ice cream  – Heaven! Honestly , tell me , who wouldn’t fall in love with this combination.

I am sucker for quick and easy desserts and anything that calls for fruits. For some reason , the guilt of consuming sweets is tempered  with the fact that it is loaded with healthy vitamins , antioxidants and fibre .

I am going to let the flavour explosion , speak for itself .

Go ahead  and try this out , you can thank me later .Caramelised Figs- with- Honey and- Cinnamon- Ice Cream


6 medium figs(360 gms)

500 gms fresh Honeycomb or 5 tbsp Honey

5oo ml Vanilla Ice cream, Softened .

2 tsp ground cinnamon

Extra honey  to drizzle on top (optional)


1.Cut figs in half lengthways  , cook the figs on heated, oiled ,  barbecue or a hot plate until browned .

2. cut the honeycomb into 2 cm strip , you can find this in health food stores . If you are not a fan of honeycombs , you can add honey instead.

3. combine cinnamon and ice -cream in a medium bowl.

4. drizzle honey on  hot figs and serve  with cinnamon ice- cream and honeycomb.

Alternatively,   for kids,

1.chop the figs finely .

2.add figs and honey to a non stick pan and  roast for 1-2 mins  until caramelised and sticky .

3.Place  figs on top of ice-cream , dust with cinnamon and serve .

Figs-Honeycomb-Cinnamon-Ice cream

what is your favourite fig recipes ? Please feel free to share .


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